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Tah, tah, tah, papoy, pffft.
— Tim to Gru

Tim (Despicable Me)

Tim is one of Gru's Minions. A minion by the same name, having a different appearance, appears in the second film.


In Despicable Me, Tim is a tall two-eyed minion with Sprout-Cut Hair. He is usually seen dressed as a father. He is seen wearing a mustache and a tie.


Despicable Me

Tim is one of the minions who is asked to buy Agnes a new unicorn (with Mark and Phil). When he went to the Grocery store, he tried the massaging chair. Then, he and Phil joined Mark to sing Copacabana. Tim also appeared in the scene when he stole the Shrink Ray.

Despicable Me 2

Tim appears when Gru announces his new work with Dave and Stuart. He and the other two minions are spotted with Gru, at the mall where they are given the muffin recipe they needed for the muffin shop. Gru praises Tim's hair, but it's inconsistent because this minion has different height and hair. Tim is later seen along with Dave and Stuart when going to Paradise Mall with Gru. Tim disguises as a father again, this time with balding hair and a beard instead of a mustache and a hat and now wears a business shirt while keeping his tie. Tim was also seen among the other minions who are kidnapped by Dr. Nefario using an ice cream truck (accompanying the Jelly Jar Minion) and was taken back to El Macho's lair. Tim later became an evil minion and was seen with other minions when Gru, Dave and Stuart came to save Lucy and stop El Macho, then when Dave and Stuart are discovered, Tim and the rest of the evil minions pursue Gru, Dave, and Stuart, Tim along with other evil minions climbed one of the towers and approached Gru when all the sudden evil minions were reversed. with Dr. Nefario's antidote and converting them to normal. Tim is later seen at Gru and Lucy's wedding dressed as a cop as they sang YMCA.

Despicable Me 3

Tim also reappears in Despicable Me 3 as a prisoner minion with black and white overalls with the number 310 (and later with Stuart slapping a state prisoner).

Appearances in Other Media

Tim makes a cameo appearance in the opening title of Illumination Entertainment in Minions: The Rise of Gru Alongside with Stuart and Dave


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  • Tim is commonly mistaken to be Kevin.


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