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This is the page for the Despicable Me and Minions franchise sequence of events. It may not be fully accurate.

Prehistoric-Ancient Times[]

Note: The events of Minions start.

  • 3.8 billion years ago - The Minions come into existence. They begin looking for a new boss.
  • 90-66 Million B.C. - The Minions serve a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It meets its demise.
  • 10,000 B.C. - The Minions serve a caveman. He meets his demise.
  • 2500 B.C. - The Minions serve a Pharaoh. He meets his demise.


  • December 1788 - Minions celebrate Dracula's 357th birthday, but Dracula turn into ashes under sunlight.
  • 1812 - Napoleon is hit by the cannon because of Minions' carelessness
  • 1851 - The National Museum is established.
  • 1878 - Poisons & E is established.
  • June 1879 - The first convention of Villain-Con is held and it's later held annually.[1]
  • 1907 - Pig's Spleen starts business in London.
  • 1925 - Pennsylvania Best Bank is founded.
  • 1945 - Professor Flux begins his work on time travel.



  • Early May - Joseph and Helen pass away during Gru's infancy.


  • June - The Minions, lacking a master to guide them, become depressed. Their hopes are answered when Kevin the Minion and two other volunteers set out from the cave.
  • Friday - Kevin along with Stuart and Bob arrive in New York, where they meet a villain family, who tell them that the Overkills are looking for new henchmen at Villain-Con in Orlando by the weekend.
  • Saturday - In the convention, it's also shown that the Freeze Ray is an invention developed by Dr. Nefario. The minions are permitted as henchmen of Overkills and they are appointed to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Sunday - After Bob becomes the king by accident, the Overkills turn back on them.
  • Monday - Scarlet Overkill attempts to blow up Stuart and Bob but she is defeated in London. Later, Kevin is knighted for helping to save the Minions, and the Minions find a new boss in the form of Felonius Gru.



  • July 21, 1969 - Felonius Gru and Marlena Gru watch the scene that Neil Armstrong steps on the Moon.
  • Gru attempts to impress Marlena with his Moon-related projects, but is coldly met with an apathetic response each time.
  • During the school year, Gru attempts to ask his crush Lisa, out on a date but mocked and ridiculed by his schoolmates while doing so.


  • 1976 Note: The events of Minions: The Rise of Gru take place.
    • January
      • Gru is invited for an interview with the Vicious 6. It goes wrong and Gru tries to prove himself by stealing the Zodiac Stone they stole, becoming wanted by the villain group.
      • Thanks to Otto mindlessly trading the stone for a pet rock, Gru fires the minions and goes to find the stone himself but is kidnapped by Wild Knuckles.
    • January 30
      • Kevin, Stuart, & Bob head to San Francisco and get training from Master Chow, Otto sets out to find the Zodiac Stone, while Wild Knuckles eventually becomes Gru's mentor in villainy.
      • The Vicious 6 destroy Wild Knuckle's house, which he finds out later on after he & Gru visit the Bank of Evil.
      • Gru finds Otto with the Zodiac Stone at Chinatown, but the former gets found by the Vicious 6, who tie him to the hands of a clock tower. A battle ensues with the Minions & Wild Knuckles vs the Vicious 6, who have now turned themselves into beasts. Otto rescues Gru, who uses the stone to turn the Vicious 6 into rats.
    • February 2
      • A funeral for Wild Knuckles is staged, as he is actually still alive, evading his death in order to not be put in prison.
      • Gru recruits Dr. Nefario. Note: The events of Minions: The Rise of Gru end here.


  • 1980[2] - Balthazar Bratt is born
  • 1985 - Evil Bratt first aired.
  • June 1986 - The weekly Superteen Dream makes a report about Balthazar Bratt, who is known as a child star and then superstar with other details on the cover.
  • 1987 - Evil Bratt is cancelled due to Bratt hitting puberty.


  • 1993 - El Macho becomes renowned for being a nearly-superhuman bank van robber. He also manages to steal the Dallas Cowboys. El Macho retires in a dramatic fashion, faking a suicide involving being strapped to grenades, dynamite, a shark, and a rocket, jumping into an active volcano. El Macho adopts the name Eduardo Perez and becomes the owner of Salsa & Salsa at the Paradise Mall.


  • April 30, 2004 - Agnes is born.
  • April 26, 2008 - A special article in the magazine Daily Villain is published about El Macho's "suicide".

Modern Era (2009-present)[]


Spring 2009[]

Note: The events of Despicable Me start.

  • unknown period of time - Vector steals the pyramid, and Gru prepares to steal the Moon in response. Gru visits Mr. Perkins at the Bank of Evil but is denied a loan. The SR-6 is stolen by Gru from East Asia, but is hijacked by Vector.
  • the day before some Monday~Wednesday before May 18- Gru adopts three little girls named Margo, Edith, and Agnes to gain access to Vector's fortress. The little girls are not pleased, but Margo remains hopeful. The boogie robots are created, though they are soon replaced with cookie robots. Tim, Mark, and Phil try to get a unicorn for Agnes after Edith destroys her younger sister's old one. Jerry and Stuart watch the little girls and bond with them quickly. Gru tucks them in for the first time.
  • sometime before May 18 - Gru prepares to retake the shrink ray but is forced to take the little girls to dance class. Afterwards, with his cookie robots, he succeeds in re-taking his prize. Gru tries to abandon Margo, Edith, and Agnes at Super Silly Fun Land, but after riding a roller coaster with them and destroying the Space Killer booth to win a unicorn for Agnes, he takes a liking to them. Gru is then embaressed by the little girls when he attempts to showcase the rest of his plan for the moon heist, which cuts off funding from Mr. Perkins. The little girls inspire Gru to just build his own rocket without the Bank of Evil's help.


  • May 18 - the little girls play with Kyle and redecorate him completely in pink. Gru later takes a picture of the pink Kyle.
  • May 24 - Gru reads the bedtime story "Sleepy Kittens" to the little girls. He realizes his newfound love for the girls and it startles him.
  • May 25 - Dr. Nefario, fearing Margo, Edith, and Agnes are distractions for Gru, returns the little girls to Miss Hattie's Home for Girls. Gru becomes extremely saddened by this event and the little girls return heartbroken to the Boxes of Shame.
  • May 26 - Gru steals the Moon with the SR-6. Margo, Edith, and Agnes perform at a dance recital on that day. Vector kidnaps the little girls shortly after and Gru is forced to give up the shruken moon in exchange for the girls, though Vector reneges on his side of the bargain. Gru attempts to then rescue them by force. The little girls are rescued and the Moon is accidentally sent back into space, stranding Vector on the satellite.
  • sometime after the Moon heist - Gru reads the little girls his book, One Big Unicorn, as expression of love. Gru later watches the little girls perform their ballet, which is then hijacked by the Minions with disco.

Note: The events of Despicable Me end here.



The events of Despicable Me 2 take place in 2010 in this following timespan.


  • Early April - El Macho makes his comeback and steals the PX-Labs building.
  • April 30, 2010 - Agnes has her six birthday party. Infamous for having Gru dressing up as a fairy princess, being forced to do so when the hired princess says she cannot make it. Gru encounters Lucy Wilde, an AVL agent, who takes him by force when he resists her recruitment effort. Dr. Nefario recieves a job proposal from El Macho and leaves Gru's house, he later kidnaps Phil.


  • May 1 - Gru accepts the AVL's job offer. He and Lucy set up shop at Bake My Day. They break into Salsa & Salsa upon a weak, but correct lead that Eduardo Perez resembles El Macho, only to fight the owner's pet chicken, Pollito, and find a batch of a secret salsa recipe instead the mutagen. Eduardo nearly catches them but they escape. Earlier that night, Kevin and Jerry are kidnapped by El Macho.
  • May 2 - The duo investigate Floyd Eagle-san. Unfortunately, Eduardo anticipated this and planted the PX-41 serum ahead of time on the unsuspecting wig store owner. In addition, Margo ends up falling in love with Antonio Perez, which frustrates Gru. Gru proceeds to make baseless accusations to Silas Ramsbottom that Eduardo and Antonio were the perpetrators of the theft. During the day, Dr. Nefario kidnaps more minions using a fake ice-cream truck.
  • May 3 - While investigating El Macho, Gru is forced to date Shannon, a friend of Jillian, and ends up having a bad date, only to be rescued by Lucy. The two realize their feelings for each other.
  • May 4 - Floyd is arrested because of Eduardo planting the serum in the wig merchant's store. Lucy is to be reassigned to the AVL's Australian branch. Both can not admit their feelings to each other. Gru attempts to call Lucy but he doesn´t have the courage to do so.
  • May 5 - Eduardo Perez holds a Cinco de Mayo party. Gru discovers Eduardo is El Macho and is forced to flee home afterwards. Margo breaks up with Antonio and Gru freezes him. Lucy jumps off the plane inbound to Australia and hang-glides to Eduardo's party but then gets captured.
  • May 6 - El Macho prepares to launch his PX-41 mutated Minions, but is thwarted by Gru, Dr. Nefario, the little girls, and uninfected Minions. El Macho drinks the mutagen in a final attempt to defeat Gru but is incapacitated by a lipstick taser and a fart gun. Lucy is rescued from being blown up in a volcano.

147 Days Later[]

  • September 30, 2010 - Gru and Lucy marry. The first dance occurs to tune of "I Swear", sung by a ballad of Minions. Agnes recites her poem dedicated to Lucy and all of the attendees dance to the Minion version of "YMCA". As Gru and his family take pictures, an Evil Minion appears.

Note: Despicable Me 2 timespan ends here.


Note: The Events of Despicable Me 3

  • June 1 - Balthazar Bratt goes on a boat to steal the pink diamond. Gru, Lucy and the Minions try to stop Balthazar Bratt from stealing the diamond. Gru loses him and he and Lucy are fired. The Minions leave Gru, wanting to go back into villainy.
  • June 2 - Agnes starts selling her things, including her unicorn because of Gru and Lucy losing their jobs. Gru meets Fritz who tells Gru that he has a brother and that his father had recently passed. Gru talks to his Mom about his brother. His Mom tells him about Dru, and about her and Gru's father, and how they agreed to each take a brother. Gru goes to see his brother in Freedonia, with Lucy and the girls. The brothers talk and Dru reveals their fathers lair and they go on a drive. Gru and Dru on their drive steal candy and they are chased by the police. Dru and Gru come up with a plan to steal the pink diamond together. The Minions were arrested and in prison reminisce on their memories with Gru and realize they made a mistake by leaving Gru.
  • June 3 - Gru and Dru make their plan for stealing the diamond. Dru is disappointed by having to be the getaway driver in their plan and follows Gru into Balthazar Bratt's lair. Bratt finds them but they manage to steal the diamond. They almost fall onto poison covered spikes but Lucy saves them. Gru reveals that he stole the diamond to get his and Lucy's jobs back, therefore lying to Dru. The brothers argue and Gru leaves. 'Lucy' takes the girls and the diamond onto the plane telling Gru to get the rest of the suitcases. On the plane, 'Lucy' takes off her mask and it is revealed that this is actually Bratt. Gru finds the real Lucy in a closet and requires the help of Dru to save the girls. The Minions make a plan to escape prison and go back to Gru. They make a half hot air balloon-half plane. The Minions fly their way back to Gru but run into Gru when he is flying to save the girls with Lucy and Dru. Bratt walks into Hollywood in a giant version of the Evil Bratt dolls and starts to destroy Hollywood. He leaves the girls on the side of a tall building. Lucy jumps over the giant bubblegum bubbles to rescue the girls. The building that the girls have been put on starts to fall. The girls fall off the building, Lucy catches them and they all land safely. Gru and Dru's plane falls and Gru is left unconscious for a few minutes. Dru sees that Gru is in danger of being lasered to death and goes inside of the Evil Bratt doll and destroys the wiring to save Gru. The Minions arrive at Hollywood and see the chaos. The Minions start to destroy the bubblegum bubbles. Gru defeats Bratt and then makes up with Dru and The Minions. He is reunited with his family and all is well. Dru comes to live with them.
  • Note: The events of Despicable Me 3 end here.


Note: The Events of Despicable Me 4


Despicable Me Timeline Gallery[]

The canon timeline takes place in these Despicable Me franchise parts in order (including the shorts):

Competition, Minions and Monsters, and Post Modern Minion, which are the only shoes officially non-canon from the franchise.


  1. ↑ According to the host of VNC, the convention of Villain-Con has been held for 89 years straight as of 1968.
  2. Promotional material for Despicable Me 3