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Tïpsy Unïkorn are one of the minor locations in Despicable Me 3. It was located at somewhere in Freedonia.


Despicable Me 3[]

After Agnes finished buying candies, she saw a place which was the Tipsy Unicorn. Lucy wouldn't let them inside because she saw the owner take the body of intruders and toss them outside, so she told them to see a traditional Freedonian Dance, but Agnes wasn't interested, so she headed to Tipsy Unicorn with Edith. When they both entered, Agnes saw the Unicorn Horn but Edith said it was fake. But the unnamed man answered Edith's question saying, "It's real," and that he found it in the Crooked Forest, the only place that unicorns still live. Everyone laughed because they think the words that the man said are too funny. Agnes screamed after man told him, and was heard by Lucy. So she entered the Tipsy Unicorn and irreparably damaged the establishment. Later she asks if they were okay. They left later.


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