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Tom is one of the Minions.        


Tom is a two-eyed Minion with short buzz-cut hair and is usually seen dressed up as a maid.


Despicable Me 2

Tom is seen cleaning the house when someone rings the doorbell. When he opens the door, he sees and greets Dr. Nefario. Tom is shocked when he unexpectedly kidnaps him, he is then brought to El Macho's Lair.

Tom is tied onto a seat along with Kevin. A syringe containing PX-41 is then injected into his vessels, turning him into an Evil Minion.

Tom is seen as an Evil Minion with El Macho during the final battle, he kicks Tom at Gru, but he was able to dodge him after turning a different Minion back to normal. Tom tried to run away when he saw Gru aim his jelly gun at him, but Gru cured him by blasting him with jelly from his gun, turning him back to a normal Minion.

Appearances in Other Media

Minion Rush

Tom's maid outfit appears in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, as Maid Minion Costume.

Minions Paradise

Tom in Minions Paradise

Tom also appears and be a playable character in the mobile video game Minions Paradise, as French Maid.

French Maid can be unlocked by quests from Celebration Station, he floats in the sea and then arrives the beach near Phil's Bar. He has some quests which needs help from Phil, and he sits at one of the seats of the bar. New stories of new quests can be unlocked by Celebration as well; before a new story is introduced/unlocked, he walks around the island like a normal minion and can be called for distractivities or making resources.

The collection (left to right): Flambéed Bananas, Pretty Fishbowl, and Rustic Vacuum.

However, he can't be leveled up by tokens, just like Bee-do Minion.


  • Tom is the first minion to be seen turned into an Evil Minion.
    • Coincidentally, he also is the very last minion to revert back to normal from the antidote.


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