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The Top Secret Research Facility is a secret lab appeared in Despicable Me. This location is where the Shrink Ray is found.

Appearance & Location[]

The lab is constructed of large blocks that appear to be concrete. The ceiling is steel and has pathways drilled for wire. There are several rooms for the operation of the Shrink Ray, and there is at least one controlling room, as well as a holding room for an elephant. The outside of the facility is made of concrete, and two identical flags are attached to the outer walls of the facility like banners. There are multiple spires topped with red spheres, presumably radars, for an unknown purpose, as well as a roof-mounted satellite dish.

The landscape around the facility is a remote cape bay. The lab is shown on a map in "East Asia". While nearby geographical features have been altered to not match the real world, the geographical features appear to place the lab near Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China.


Despicable Me[]

After knowing the disappearance of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Gru plans to go steal the Shrink Ray from the secret lab in order to get the Moon, so he goes there with two Minions in his airship.

In the lab, several scientists just successfully shrink an elephant smaller than a plate of bananas. At this moment, the ceiling of the lab is infiltrated and one of the minions grabs the Shrink Ray.

The researchers scream in horror and cry for help, but they can't stop the minion taking away the machine, though the minion hits himself twice on the ceiling in accident before he managed to return to the ship. After successfully taking the Shrink Ray, Gru and the Minions fly away in the airship.


  • It's unknown about the outcome of the shrunken elephant, though according to Nefario Principle and later examples, it's most likely reverted to original size.



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