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Let's Trim Topiaries for Treasure!
— Notice of the game
Topiary Treasure Hunt

Topiary Treasure Hunt is a mini-game in Minions Paradise.


Topiary Treasure Hunt is located in a remote island, and where it's at is a small peninsula. The mini-game is a small garden with a cube-shaped bush cube and eight smaller bushes around.


In Topiary Treasure Hunt, the Minions trim a topiary and the player can collect fallen leaves for points. Ten Minions are needed to get started. To play:

  • Tap the topiary to call the Minions who will gather around the hedge and begin to trim.
  • Stray leaves will fall from the hedge. Tap the leaves before they disappear to collect them; tapping alsom makes a minion goes out to pick up the leave.

A round of playing lasts 45 seconds.

When the mini-game starts, ten minions will be called instantly and each to them takes a cutter. They cut the topiary and sometimes some metal leaves, made of copper, silver, or golden, can be collected and gain 1, 5, and 20 points seperately. The player needs to tap these leaves to collect them before they disappear. Eventually, the final shape of the bush forms and all minions cheer.

When the total points gained in several times of gameplay, the prize will be a certain number of Sand Dollars or Doubloons.


  • The final shape of the bush can be a banana, a grenade, a minion (resembles Bob), or Bob's teddy bear.
  • It takes 5 minutes to play the mini-game again.
  • The cutter is made of piranhas, crabs, or chainsaws.
  • The maximum score for playing a round is 100 points.
  • After the mini-game is being played, the shape of the plant sculpture remains until the waiting time expires; the bush changes instantly into a cube when the game is available.