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Mp totem pole

Totem Pole is a decorative item in Minions Paradise.


The totem pole is originally close to the bar Phil is at; currently it is located in a bush near the second bridge of the island. It is composed of several small statues, which represent a Mini-Game in Minions Paradise separately.

The height of the totem pole differs among players, depends on how many goals of each mini-games one has completed. The sequence of the statues can be shuffled but the relative sequence of each components still matches the time when a player unlocked it.


When unlocked a mini-games, the player can play it but they can only get level bonus, and there's a goal in their fist round gameplay: one needs to build up points to unlock the totem pole piece. When the player reaches it, the prizes of new goals can be Sand Dollars or Doubloons.

The totem pole is also the shortcut place to choose mini-games.