• I live in Minion Island, Philippines
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is is being a Genius, Hero, Gamer, Admin,and Bureaucrat of Despicable Me Wiki,Minionpedia,and many other wikis
  • I am a Cute and Awesomazing Minion
Cute Dave
This user likes minion Dave the most.

Welcome to Extreme C.P A.M 98's Userpage

 Bello Everybody! I am Extreme C.P.A.M Jr. but you can just call me A.M. I'm born in Philippines and I have Chinese Blood that is why I know and Understand Chinese Language.I can also speak Tagalog as it is my country Philippines. And abcourse English which is the Language I speak the most I am very smart because I love reading books. I am an Admin,bRollback and a Chat Moderator here. I always fix pages, add photos and remove anything unnecessary to improve and expand this wiki. I am very active in chat always because I love it and its Fun. I am a fan of Despicable Me since the 1st movie was released. I have many favorite minions but my most favorite Minion is Dave.

I'm here to help and improve this wiki as much as I can. I'm a real Totally Genius so if you need help you can ask help from me just leave me a message because I'm always there to help anyone who needs help. You can be my friend specially when you always need Guide and Help.I am also an Admin, Chat Moderator, Rollback and Bureaucrat on Minionpedia, Illumination Entartainment Wiki, Football Wiki and The Rolling Stones Wiki. And I'm also a Chat Moderator and Rollback on Itemlog Wiki.

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My favorite characters are
The Minions!

Enter Am's Gallery!

Welcome! This is a Gallery of Mine.As you can see I have here pictures of minions. I also have screenshots here and many more.Thanks for visiting my User Page! :) -Am

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