In order to stay on track with our 4 year plan that our Senior Administator, AwesomeOrange89, devised a little while ago. According to his plan, he devises we get all images licensed (Which has been going very well), fix all vandalism, fix spelling, build up all stubs, get all coding right, and replace all low quality images (Ok, I actually added the last one XP), but it needs done. If we want to stick to this plan, we need to do the following objectives. I've tried to narrow down pages and images that need fixed under the plans format.

  • All images in the gallery section on the Despicable Me: Minion Rush page need sorted and moved to Despicable Me: Minion Rush/Gallery. Any low quality image that *can be replaced should be deleted/replaced by a higher quality image. Be sure to license any image you upload!
  • We have multiple pages that are stubs (Meaning the page contains 300 bytes or less of information). All of are stubs.
  • Many of the page's formats are sloppy and most contain outdated information. These pages should be fixed immediately!!!

*Going on Minion Rush and taking a screencap of a Bapple is impossible because they were shelved from the game. So if you find low quality images like that, please don't delete them. I will try to fix them up as much as possible.

Other news

  • I will be bringing back the wiki updates blog, however it will be monthly as opposed to weekly.
  • Anyone can help!
  • I will be publishing a calendar of events for the rest of 2014 through all of 2015.