Hey there Minions! If you ever taken a visit Community Central, you may have noticed Staff technical blogs. They give you the updates to Wikia's latest technical updates. Well, introducing [pause for effect] Despicable Me Wiki Updates!

With all the recent wiki changes, I've decided to start the same process (and for design changes, promotions, contests, and other news), only for the Despicable Me Wiki! Here's some recent changes here:

  • Doctor Bugs returned to the wiki and became the newest chat mod. Be sure to congratulate him!
  • SJenson officially reached 3,000 edits on July 19, 2014. Be sure to congratulate him!
  • You can now use Twitter, FaceBook, and Google+ to comment/tweet about an article!

If you would like to receive these blogs, please let us know at See here if you are interested.

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