It has been a week after the film available to watch in the US. I am currently trying to create some articles to expand the wiki, especially about the film, yet, I can't find some good screenshots of the film, while what the trailers can provide is limited (the film is still in "pre-order" process).

And so, what I can do now is to expand some what is already known, such as the plot and character descriptions (for those who want to prevent spoilers, I will put the Template:Spoiler notice above the article or the section). If you are interested in helping expanding the articles, welcome! And be sure to write them in the proper form and you can also see some existing articles to unify the format.

As to some desired content, I list them here as references:

  • Most of the articles are lack of the plot from DM3, and I will do my best to update them as soon as possible.
  • Freedonia: It is where Dru lives, and as far as I remember, there are some quite different cultures of the island, but currently the article is of insufficient content.
  • More affiliated things of Balthazar Bratt: they include his fortress, robot, and his weapons (Bratt figurines, giant robot, bubble gum, and so on). Some of these articles haven't been created yet because I don't have enough materials to do so. And Hollywood, almost forgot it.
  • Dru's Mansion: It's like a pending name of the fantastic residence where Dru owns. If you ever find a better/official name of it, feel free to rename it.
  • Niko: He and his family live in Freedonia, and I can't find him from the trailers, that's why he doesn't have proper image so far.
  • Lucky: He is the replacement of Agnes' Unicorn, and so far I find this as his name of the unicorn-goat. Not so certain to me actually.