Valerie Da Vinci
Valerie 150w
Full name Valerie Da Vinci
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde

Current leader of the Anti-Villain League


Silas Ramsbottom


Felonius Gru
Lucy Wilde
Balthazar Bratt
Minions (does not see or know of)


Despicable Me 3

Voiced by

Jenny Slate

Valerie Da Vinci is the former tertiary antagonist in Despicable Me 3. She is the current leader of the Anti-Villain League and the successor of Silas Ramsbottom. In the film, she fires Gru and Lucy Wilde for failing the mission to catch Balthazar Bratt. She is voiced by Jenny Slate.


Valerie is a very skinny woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big pointed nose. She wears a purple pencil dress with a blazer and high heels of the same color.


Despicable Me 3

As Silas Ramsbottom announces that he is going to retire from the Anti-Villain League, he introduces Valerie Da Vinci as the new director. Valerie, losing her patience, interrupts him and pushes Silas under the podium. After he is gone, Valerie then furiously asks for agent Gru, and starts blaming him for letting Balthazar Bratt loose. Gru tries to justify himself by saying he was close to capture him, Valerie does not believe this and fires him, as well Lucy, who attempts to defend her husband.

When Gru is in his way to Bratt's Lair for the diamond with Dru, he fantasizes that, after he gets back with the diamond to the AVL, she would apologize for her arrogance and later passes out with the diamond on the ground, while Gru lifts his wife up gloriously. With the end that they did indeed defeat Bratt, it is probable that she will give their jobs back in real life.


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