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Vector! That's me, cause I'm committing crimes; with both direction and… magnitude! Oh yeah!
— Vector
Vector wallpaper
Full name Victor Perkins
Status Incarcerated
Gender Male
Age 20
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown

World's #1 most Slappin' Supervillain with both Direction and Magnitude


Piranha Gun
Squid Launcher
SR-6 (temporary)
Jelly Fish Cannon


Mr. Perkins
His Shark
Margo Gru (formerly)
Edith Gru (formerly)
Agnes Gru (formerly)


Gru (arch-rival)
Margo Gru
Edith Gru
Agnes Gru
Dr. Nefario


Mr. Perkins


Mrs. Perkins


Despicable Me
Despicable Me: Minion Rush
Minions: The Rise of Gru (photo cameo)
Despicable Me 4 (cameo as a prisoner)

Voiced by

Jason Segel (movie)
Carlos Alazraqui (video game)

Vector, also known by his real name, Victor Perkins, is the main antagonist of Illumination's first feature film Despicable Me and its video game adaption Despicable Me: The Game, a boss in the 2014 mobile game Minion Rush, and the main protagonist of the short film Mooned.

Vector is an aspiring villain who is the only son of Mr. Perkins, the president of the Bank of Evil. He was also a rival of Felonius Gru in terms of being the greatest supervillain of the 21st century. Vector was voiced by Jason Segel.


Vector is always shown wearing an orange and white tracksuit which can convert into a flight suit enabling the owner to fly and a fully-functional spacesuit. His apparel is often mistaken for pajamas by Agnes, much to Vector's annoyance.

He has brown hair styled into a bowl cut, brown eyes and a sharp nose. He also wears large black glasses. He also gains a somewhat potbelly that wasn't part of his tracksuit, causing his bare belly to stick out.


Vector is highly intelligent, but also overly confident and exceedingly arrogant. Similar to Gru, Vector's armory consists of bizarre items beyond imagination, of which he often boasts about.

Vector has a rather excessive fondness for cookies. As such, he eagerly admits Agnes, Edith and Margo into his fortress when they arrived to sell them. Vector also seems to have an affiliation for aquatic life (both marine and freshwater animals), as he keeps an adult great white shark in a large aquarium in his fortress and uses advanced, aquatic-themed weapons such as the Squid Launcher and the Piranha Gun. It is even seen that he watches marine life documentaries on his television in his home. Unlike Gru, Vector has no qualms about kidnapping children and taking them as hostages. Even after Gru gives him the Moon, he refuses to release Agnes, Edith, and Margo, inciting an angry Gru to enter the fortress and attempt to attack him.

His relationship with his father is similar to that of a pampered child. Like many rich families, his father doted on him and spoke highly of him to Gru and Vector was shown on good terms. However, his father can be strict if not overly so when he thinks that giving in to all his child's desires more than makes up for his lack of support and true parental responsibilities. The lack of attention by the parent could help support Vector's psychopathic tendencies. Despite this, it is unclear whether or not Vector is willing to commit murder. Furthermore, Vector's father is shown to be cold towards him whenever he shows incompetence: he angrily points out that Gru has reclaimed the Shrink Ray and scolds Vector for not even knowing about this. Though Vector may appear to be a spoiled and wrongful villain, it is probable that he is simply trying his hardest to impress his father by carrying on the family legacy of being villainous.



A young Vector (or Victor) with his father

Vector was born on April 5, 1968 under his birth name Victor, and seemed to be particularly close to his father Mr. Perkins, as the latter was shown carrying him on his shoulders as Victor flew a toy great white shark, indicating to the viewer that his adoration for aquatic animals probably began during his childhood.


Despicable Me

By the time of the first film, Vector is already a known super villain with unknown felonies. One of his acts was the theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza in an unspecified period. He then replaced the structure with an inflatable replica while the real pyramid was relocated behind his fortress and then camouflaged with paint. Upon viewing the revelation of the theft, Gru's own pride was damaged and this leads him to begin his plans on stealing the Moon.

While he was waiting in the Bank of Evil to see Mr. Perkins, he notices Vector sitting on a seat across him and the latter proceeds to introduces himself, but when Gru ignored him, Vector begins to present to him his Piranha Gun, which now annoyed Gru. When he proceeded to demonstrate, it ended up going wrong. During Gru's meeting with Mr. Perkins, he learns in shock that Vector was responsible in stealing the pyramid. As he was leaving the bank, he notices the latter struggling to put the piranha back in his Piranha Gun. Having grown jealous of Vector, Gru freezes his head with his Freeze Ray, leaving him immobilized. Due to the heavy weight of the ice block around Vector's head, this caused him to collapse onto the floor, thawing out the ice and once again getting attacked by his piranha.

So long Gru!

Having noticed Gru leaving, Vector knew that he was responsible in freezing his head and proceeds to follow Gru to East Asia in his airship. After Gru and his Minions successfully take their coveted prize, Vector cuts a hole in their airship and uses a mechanical arm to take the case that holds the Shrink Ray. Vector then reveals to Gru and yells out to him that this was revenge for freezing his head. A chase ensued with Gru using all matters of attacks to stop him, but Vector cleverly used countermeasures to neutralize Gru's missiles as well as dodging his shots. After a lengthy chase, the former, manages to defeat the latter by using the Shrink Ray to shrink Gru's airship to a small size. as the ship was shrinking and closing in around Gru, Vector escapes while letting out an evil laugh.

They are not pajamas!

Vector deposits the Shrink Ray in his fortress and when Gru attempts to break inside, he uses the security systems to neutralize Gru's attempts. He then allows Agnes, Edith, and Margo in his lair after they offered to sell him cookies. Gru witnesses this and orders his scientist and inventor, Dr. Nefario, to create cookie robots. Later, Vector begins using the Shrink Ray to shrink several items just to amuse himself. However, the toilet experiment goes awry and the shrunken apparatus breaks off, causing a stream of clean water to strike right in his face, who responds with curses. Much later, he welcomes the Girls, who has brought his cookie delivery, into his fortress. However, he was unaware that the cookie boxes that they brought in contained the Cookie Robots. After Vector poured some of them into a glass bowl, he became distracted with paying the Girls and didn't notice that the disguised cookie robots had activated. While Vector was busy counting his money, they manage to sneak to the fortress vault undetected. During that time, Agnes asked Vector on why he is wearing pajamas, to which the latter annoyingly responded that its a warm-up suit. Margo and Edith then began asking him on what he uses it for, which further annoyed Vector and it eventually reached its limit when Agnes asked if he uses his warm-up suit for sleeping and Vector proceeded to remind her again in pure rage that it is not pajamas.

Nevertheless, he managed to calm down and gives the Girls his payment. As they were leaving, he wave them goodbye and proceeded to eat one of the cookies. When he a took a bite of it, he noticed sparks coming out of it but he just shrugged as if it were nothing and went back inside his fortress, failing to realize that he bit into a cookie bot. As he was walking down a corridor he sensed something from his left, and when he turned to look he found nothing and he continued on. What Vector didn't know was that Gru and two of his Minions were also inside the fortress, to which they were unable to get out due to their entrance being sealed off by the Cookie Bots. Vector then went into his living room to watch TV. and eat popcorn. While watching a documentary, he was unaware that Gru and the two Minions, who had successfully taken the Shrink Ray, were right above him, having fallen from a vent but they managed to hold on. While Vector is oblivious to their presence, his pet shark saw them and aggressively banged on the glass floor. Disturbed, Vector fails to notice the intruders and orders the shark to be quiet.

Despite this, the shark continued to bang on the floor which shook the entire floor and further disturbing Vector. Eventually, it gave the glass floor one more bang which caused Vector to fall to the floor with his bucket of popcorn landing on his head. This also made Gru, the Minions, and the stolen Shrink Ray to also land on the floor. After Gru and the Minions snuck out with the Shrink Ray in hand, Vector manages to pry his head off the bucket as well as getting one popcorn out from his nose.

Squid Launcher GIF by Audiss

Vector fires his squid launcher.

Later on, Mr. Perkins summons Vector and angrily reveals to him that the Shrink Ray was stolen by Gru again and the Girls were under his employ, which left Vector in shock, but nevertheless, he confidently reassures his father that he can defeat Gru and demonstrates his Squid Launcher by launching a squid from a balcony causing it to land on someone's head.

As Gru's rocket is about to launch, Vector attempts to hijack it with the squid launcher. He gives the weapon to a confused Fred and is dragged to the rocket. He threatens Gru with the Piranha Gun, to which Gru responds by electrifying his vehicle, zapping Vector. After losing his grip, Vector activates his flight suit but was electrocuted again upon contact with another Transmission Tower by high-voltage power, and is heard screaming as he falls to the ground.


Vector's note

Vector later kidnaps the Girls from their dance recital and leaves Gru a note, blackmailing him into surrendering the Moon. When he refuses to release the Girls, Gru, though unarmed, angrily threatens him. Vector taunts him, but was shocked when Gru punched his camera, shattering it and causing a crack to be transmitted to his screen. Vector fires seven missiles in an attempt to kill Gru, but Gru manages to bypass them. All of the missiles are instead redirected to the outskirts of the fortress, partially destroying the ramparts and allowing Gru to pass. The shark appears again and attacks, but Gru effortlessly knocks it into the water. Fearing for his life, Vector activates his Rescue Airship and escapes. Gru chases and grapples to it after climbing the Pyramid. Vector attempts to maneuver the ship and almost kills Gru, who is saved by Dr. Nefario. Vector then resumes piloting his ship normally.

Vector dancing on the moon

Thanks to the Nefario Principle, the Moon begins to grow and rolls around Vector's pod. Its expansion breaks his mug and eventually a table, disrupting the vehicle's balance and freeing the girls after shattering the glass dome. Gru manages to rescue Edith and Agnes after forcing the ship's door open. Vector grabs Margo as she is about to jump and attempts to attack Gru with his Piranha Gun, but the Moon instead crashes into him, with Margo subsequently rescued by Gru and the Minions. The Moon begins rolling everywhere with a helpless Vector stuck to it. The sphere hits a switch and triggers the rocket engine of the vehicle, causing it to levitate straight up, before eventually shattering with Vector stuck to the Moon surface. Shortly afterwards, he activates an oxygen bubble and complains about his defeat briefly.

At the end of the movie, Vector is seen on the Moon dancing to the music heard in the ending scene along with Bob.

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Vector cameo

Vector makes a cameo in Minions: The Rise of Gru. Mr. Perkins, who is working at the Bank of Evil as an accountant, reveals a photo of himself with a young Vector while saying "I have a son of my own." to which Gru replies that he "looks weird."



Vector is the main character of the short film Mooned. While on the moon (following his defeat), Vector starts to panic, but soon realizes that he can get out of there by jumping high. He then sees Bob, who collides with him and makes them go back to the moon sole. Vector then asks Bob if he knows any ways to return to Earth to which Bob tries to tell him his friends are on there way to rescue him and that maybe he could return with them, Vector however, doesn't understand and he calls Bob "useless" and then tells him to go away so he can try and find a way to escape, Bob tries to tell Vector that there isn't any point in trying to escape himself as his friends will be there to rescue them soon anyway, however Vector doesn't understand and gets frustrated, in a final attempt to get Bob to leave him alone, he tries to play "fetch" with him to distract him, much to Bob's confusion.

After Bob leaves, Vector notices a space satellite which he could use, the satellite breaks however and crushes his foot in the process, he then searches his suit commands to find something that could help him to which he notices his floating balloon suit. He activates it just as Bob returns with the rock he threw earlier, to which Vector expresses his pleasure in leaving Bob behind. Unfortunately for Vector, the suit blows up to much and bursts, leading to Vector repeatedly crashing into nearby large rock, much to Bob's amusement.

After this failure, Vector decides it is time to bring out the 'serious stuff', which is his 'Limb Stretch 2.0', Vector wraps his now extended limbs onto two moon rocks like a slingshot and expresses his pleasure in leaving the moon. Similarly to earlier, this backfires and Vector ends up going to fast, as he is about to crash into a giant rock, Vector grapples his extended limbs around two rocks in a attempt to slow himself down, to which he is successful, although the rock he grappled onto is pulled back with him, crushing him and leading to the rock he was about to crash into falling on top of him.

Vector then tries to escape on a ramp like structure with a moon buggy he found, in the hopes the ramp will lead him back to Earth, although he soon notices a rock in the way, which leads Vector to question who designed the Moon so poorly. He attempts to get rid of the rock with a drill but it doesn't work, leading to the vibration to make the buggy move forwards slightly. After realising this he shoots the rock with a lazer gun, which successfully destroys the rock, however as a result, the buggy starts to move down the ramp, repeatedly crushing Vector in the process.

After all the failed attempts, the defeated Vector reproaches the broken satellite, he then comes up with the idea that he will attach some rockets from his suit to the back of the satellite. An excited Bob tries to tell Vector his friends will be arriving very soon but Vector doesn't understand, thinking Bob is asking if he could ride on his ship, to which Vector says he can find his own instead. Bob tries to clarify that isn't what he was trying to say but Vector does not listen, at that moment, Jorge, Tim and Larry come with Gru's airship to pick up Bob. The four then try to call Vector, but he ignores them. Vector, after attaching the rockets to the satellite, grapples onto the airship leading to a huge collision.

Vector wakes up, recovering from the collision, only to realize that he is not on Earth, but Mars, much to his frustration. Suddenly, a green Martian appears and says something to Vector, but he couldn’t understand what he was saying. The alien becomes friends with the Minions (who were also unharmed from the crash, due to being indestructible) and decides to give them a ride back to Earth. They fly off, leaving the unlucky Vector behind. Disappointed, Vector says again "Oh, poop," just like he did when he realized he was on the Moon. But At Some Point The Minions Came Back To Get Him And Later Sent To Jail.

Despicable Me 4

In Despicable Me 4, Vector appears in a short cameo in the finale, He is seen singing with the other AVL prisoners.

Appearances in Other Media

Minion Rush

Vector in gru's lab

Vector as he appears in Minion Rush.

In Minion Rush, Vector somehow ended up in Gru's Lab and appears as a boss. The player is tasked by Gru to defeat him. After Vector appears, the player's Minion must dodge his big drones, and tap on the smaller drones to hurl them back at him. Vector will be defeated after taking several drone strikes or if he fails to defeat the minion for some time. In the original game design, Vector rarely appears while running in Gru's Lab, much like with any other bosses in the game. After the July 2014 updates, Vector now appears in certain levels exclusively.

Despicable Me: The Game

Vector Despicable Me The Game

Vector stuck in the moon in Despicable Me The Game

In Despicable Me: The Game, Vector is the main antagonist. Stealing Gru's Rocketship parts and fighting against him to get the moon. At the end, he is the final boss and steals the Moon, but Gru makes it bigger again and and Vector gets stuck on the moon.



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