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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Vector's Airship, is purely conjectural.

Among the vehicles Vector own is an airship.


Vector's Airship consists of two pods held together by a thin beam. One has a rocket engine, and the other is its cockpit. Vector controls the ship via a small console inside the cabin, which is mostly covered with glass. Despite its unorthodox design, the ship is deceptively agile, stable and fast. The engine also enables the ship to rotate swiftly mid-air thanks to its symmetrical overall design.

The ship is armed with a rotational cutter, a grappling claw, and missile countermeasures. It does not have conventional integrated weapons. It also seems to feature an autopilot mechanism.


Vector used the airship's cutter to break in and steal Gru's SR-6. He counters Gru's missiles and opens his cockpit to fire the SR-6 at Gru, leaving the supervillian to return home in his shrunken airship with his minions.

Vector's airship is never seen for the rest of the film.

Other Appearances[]

Despicable Me: Minion Rush[]

Vector's Airship, piloted by the eponymous character, appears in Gru's lab as a boss.


  • Vector's airship resembles the B-Wing from Star Wars.
  • Vector's airship does not have any places for him to grapple on, so it is unknown how he is not blown away by air flow when he is not in his cockpit.
  • Its design is highly unrealistic - Any real-life airship similar to that would easily break apart at high speeds.



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