Among the vehicles Vector own is an airship.

Appearance and Abilities

Vector's ship contrasts massively with Gru's airship, which is made of iron and has a completely different design. Gru's is brutish, while Vector's is slim and modern.

Vector's airship is white, with the cockpit situated at the top of a long shaft. At the bottom is a conical engine which outputs a small amount of orange flames and a lot of white smoke. Inside the cockpit it is padded and has a white console. A claw with heat cutters can drop down from the engine and Vector can come up from a hatch in the top of the cockpit.

The entire ship is very tall and does not look stable.


Vector followed Gru to steal the Shrink Ray from the older villain once the latter got there. Vector cut a hole to grab his prize, and as he tried to escape, he evades Gru's attacks and also shoot missles to avoid ones shot by Gru. Vector then opens his ship's cockpit and blasts Gru's plane with the shrink ray.

Other Appearances

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Vector managed to enter Gru's Lab somehow with his ship. He fought with Dave, using tall and short drones, but lost.




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