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Vector's Fortress is a playable location in Minion Rush. It first appeared with the Halloween update in 2014.


Vector's Fortress was originally introduced in update 2.2.1., and it is the tenth permanent location in the game.

Running in this location is incredibly similar to running in Gru's Lab and the Anti-Villian League, as it features similar obstacles. While running, the player must avoid purple electric fences, tall aqua tanks with live squid in them, rolling wheels with Minions trapped in them, black cameras with red eyeballs, gaps and more.

The level also features slides and paths that twist to the side. The secret area here is incredibly similar to that of the Anti-Villain League. The player's Minion will take an elevator up to Vector's room and use springs to jump over Vector (who is usually seen doing something random), while collecting Bananas. This scene is identical to when Gru and the Minions invaded Vector's home in the first movie.


  • Throughout the entire time running in Vector's Fortress, the player will see signs saying "Intruder Alert". Despite this, Vector does not notice this at all when running in the secret area.
  • On some levels in Vector's Fortress, before starting, the player's Minion will stand outside guarding the area. At random times, he will either jump into a sewer hole, only to be bitten by Vector's Shark, or use binoculars, which end up leading to a Cookie Bot approaching to him and frightening him. In the background, a Minion can be seen walking a dog (possibly Kyle) to distract Vector's traps, while some Minions and Cookie Bots create a hole at the side of the house and enter, only to be punched out by another trap. All three scenes are similar to those in the original Despicable Me.
  • Although this is the fortress of Vector, he is the boss in Gru's Lab.
  • In the red zones of a Vector's Fortress level, the floor started to look like the same kind of ground in Gru's Lab.
  • Vector's Shark can be seen while running in this location.
  • Some minion reactions are different here:
    • Being shock by electric web and occasionally dancing like a robot or floating in the air
    • Falling into a void
    • Hitting a saw and becoming confused
    • Hitting an eyeball camera and panicking
    • Hitting a squid tank and laughing at it
    • Tripping on some rolling rockets




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