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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Vector's Rescue Airship, is purely conjectural.

Vector's Rescue Airship is an alternative airship owned by Vector.

It is not to be confused with Vector's Airship.


This white airship is an integrated component of Vector's fortress, appropriately placed at the peak of the dome. It is streamlined, perfectly concealing it to the naked eye. It features an unorthodox structure akin to a mushroom and is powered by side-mounted thrusters, as well as another at the bottom. The ship is implied to feature some sort of integrated gyroscope, as such designs are impossible to maintain stability otherwise.

The ship features a cockpit and a large control console with holographic surfaces and a conventional steering apparatus. To the right side there is a semi-circular emergency handle encased in a glass dome in a similar fashion to a fire alarm. This gizmo applies significant power to the engines and allows it to quickly accelerate. Behind the ship is its entrance gate.


Despicable Me[]

Realizing that all his defenses failed to stop Gru, Vector takes off in the airship, while Margo, Edith, and Agnes are trapped inside. Gru climbs Vector's stolen pyramid and hangs on to the ship. He almost falls to his death, though Nefario arrives with Gru's restored airship and saves Gru. They continue to chase Vector's vehicle.

Due to the Nefario Principle, SR-6's effects quickly subside and the moon starts growing rapidly, crushing Vector's mug. He remains oblivious until the moon enlarges and destroys the surface holding it, with its sheer mass disrupting the ship's balance. It then shatters the glass sphere holding the girls. Gru's airship fires a grappling hook that forces the door open, allowing Agnes and Edith to escape. Vector attempts to stop Margo but fails to kill her, as the moon collides with him and he loses grip. Vector is unable to detach himself from the moon, and it hits the emergency handle, causing the ship's rocket engines to accelerate just as the minions save Margo and Gru. The moon continues to expand, obliterating the entire ship with its growth before eventually stranding a helpless Vector on it.


  • In the first part of the battle scene, the glass ball the girls are trapped in stands on the floor, but when the Moon starts growing, the ball hangs between two suction pods above the rescue airship's ground.


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