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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Vector's Shark, is purely conjectural.
Vector's Shark
Gender Male
Eye color Black

Vector's pet




Felonius Gru


Despicable Me

​Vector's Shark is a pet and defense mechanism that belongs to Vector.


Despicable Me

He first appears when Vector is playing video games. He tries to eat Felonius Gru on several occasions (he is actually once seen with Gru in his mouth though Gru somehow survived and escaped). When Gru is trying to steal back the shrink ray that Vector stole from him, the shark, noticing him and his Minions, tries to break out from his tank, but this only angers Vector, who tells his shark to stop it, unaware that Gru is inside his lair. When Gru tried to rescue Agnes, Margo and Edith, Vector's shark comes out to kill him, but Gru easily punched the shark, defeating it without even looking at it, much to Vector's shock (WHAT! HE'S PUCHED MY SHARK!). Vector has claimed that his shark is male as he once said "Down boy" when the shark tried to break out of his aquarium to eat Gru.