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  • Vector most likely remained on the Moon after the events of Despicable Me, considering that the escape velocity there is about 2.4 km/s, which would be impossible to reach without any equipment. Even if he had escaped (for instance, using his suit), it is extremely likely that he couldn't live eventually, considering the massive fall, and the fact that the mesosphere's temperature is -120 °C and the thermosphere's temperature is 2000 °C. Also, since the Moon has no atmosphere, and because oxygen supply isn't infinite, he would eventually run out of oxygen.
    • Considering the above, it is surprising that he (and the Minion) were not killed when they were left on the Moon. Especially the minion since he does not have a space helmet. The reason behind all this remained unexplained.
  • In the game, Minion Rush, it is unknown how Vector got into Gru's Lab. One possible reason is that the game released at June 10, 2013, at that time, the villain in Despicable Me 2 was remaining unknown because the movie was not released then. So the developers may have assumed that Vector would return, though it has never happened.
  • In the DVD release of Despicable Me 3, there is a special feature called "The AVL Files" which have a female voice describe statistics and profiles of the characters in the series, which include Vector, and also declares that he is still stranded on the lunar surface (Possibly with the Minion), and that it is said that at night through a telescope, he is still visible as a roaming orange dot. This means that Vector is somehow still alive during the events of Despicable Me 3. This is the only time that he's mentioned outside of Despicable Me.
  • When Vector is buying cookies from the girls, there is a flavor that isn't offered by Miss Hattie's Home for Girls: Mini-mints (though it can be "Minty Mints" actually according to the original order form). The total cost of his purchase is $52 for 23 boxes of sweets, and the price is much less than that the orphanage offers (see trivia).
  • The word "Vector" is a scientific noun that describes an entity of having variable directions and magnitude.
  • Vector appeared with Gru and his Minions in various Inazuma Eleven advertisements.
  • The shoes Vector wears appear to be addiases due to that they have the trademark 3 stripes.
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