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  • Vector is the first antagonist of the entire Despicable Me franchise.
  • He remained on the Moon after the events of Despicable Me. In the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Despicable Me 3, there is a special feature called "The AVL Files" which comes with a female voice describing facts and profiles of the characters in the series. Vector is still declared stranded on the lunar surface, and if seen through telescopes at night, is still visible as a roaming orange dot. This confirms his survival beyond the first film, and the only mention of him after that.
    • Though not confirmed, Vector's father, who is still alive and on earth as of the end of Despicable Me, may be sending Vector survival resources to live on the moon. Despite his apparent disapproving attitude, he loves his son and would never leave him to die alone on the moon.
  • In the game, Minion Rush, it is unknown how Vector got into Gru's Lab. One possible reason is that the game released at May 25, 2013, before DM2, and the developers presumed Vector's inevitable return.
  • When Vector is buying cookies from the girls, there is a flavor that isn't offered by Miss Hattie's Home for Girls: Mini-mints (though it can be "Minty Mints" actually according to the original order form). The total cost of his purchase is $52 for 23 boxes of sweets, and the price is much less than that the orphanage offers.
  • The word "Vector" is a scientific noun that describes an entity of having variable directions and magnitude, which is referenced with his quote, in part, "I'm committing crimes with both direction and magnitude."
  • Vector appeared with Gru and his Minions in various Inazuma Eleven advertisements.
  • The shoes Vector wears appear to be based on the Adidas brand to their trademark stripes' arrangement.
  • Vector's revealed arsenal is mostly made up of weaponized aquatic animals, typically potentially dangerous or useful creatures. The piranha gun, is actually different from the rest in the sense that piranhas are strictly freshwater fish, while the squids in his Squid Launcher and his great white shark are saltwater creatures. It is likely that these are not his only weapons.
  • It is also believe that his favorite animal out of them all is his shark, as he is shown holding a small toy shark in the photograph of him and his father when he was a child. This implies that his fascination with sharks started at a young age. He also watches shark documentaries when at home, likely as an equivalent to people watching pet care videos for their pets.
  • He bears a resemblance to Oliver Tree, which has become a very popular internet meme.
  • Vector in his flight suit standing in T-pose is also a very popular internet meme, typically with the caption "Get Vectored".
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the franchise, he is voiced by the actor Marcius Melhem.
    • Ironically, he and Leandro Hassum (Gru's Brazilian and Portuguese voice actor) are best friends, but Vector and Gru are enemies.
  • If Vector was born in 1986, then it is quite strange that in part 4 Mr. Perkins shows his photo long before the birth of Vector himself.
    • This completely contradicts the plot of part 1, because if Vector had been born in the 60s, he should have been at least Gru’s peer, although he doesn’t look like one.