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Villain-Con is a location in the film Minions. It is a convention for supervillains and criminals from around the globe.


Kevin, Stuart, and Bob first hear about Villain-Con when they see a news broadcast, VNC, about it. They hear that Scarlet Overkill will attend the convention and is looking for new henchmen for her team. Since the minions want to serve the most appropriate master they can find, they attend the convention and eventually find the auditorium, where Scarlet Overkill is. They manage to become the minions of Scarlet because Bob managed to take her ruby away.


The entrance to Villain-Con is through a vent, which usually takes the shape of a broken-down, bait shop drive-through. The password to enter is "so much fun, it's a crime". The exterior of Villain-Con is where villains park their vehicles. The interior is similar to most conventions as they have booths with a bunch of villains in them. There is also an auditorium were the villains go to in order to see the new villain of entertainment.




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