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Villain Lair is a location in Minions Paradise.


Previously, Villain Lair was located in the farther side on the main island and was close to the second bridge and Fishing Frenzy; it is currently merged to Villain Isalnd. A volcano with green lavas flows down constantly, and the lair is in a grotto. A metal gate of safe is the entrance of the lair.

To unlock the location, the player need to reach level 10 and turn in 4 coconut bazookas, 4 Chili Peppers, and 4 machetes. In the lair, Professor Flux is with five incomplete machine components, and there is a stream of green lava. Near the bank, six pots are placed for the minions to produce Radioactive Lava.


The locaion is introduced in the game update in March 15, 2016. In the update, the main feature is a new big plan of Professor Flux, and the player can help the professor to make the components for building machines in order to complete his master plans.


Components of Villain Stuffs[]