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The Wedding Party was a Special Mission in Minion Rush from February to March 2015.

In this update Special Items like Cake Slices, Bow Ties and Roses can be collected for prizes, including the Cupid Minion Costume, Perks, Prize Pods, and Tokens, just like the previous Mission, Holiday Quest.

Every stage was played in Minion Park, a new location created especially for the contest with various wedding-related decorations and obstacles. The Wedding Party added the Skateboard as a featured Prop; when finding it, the minion can play a mini-game in the skateboard park, where the Special Items could be gathered faster than during the regular game.



The background music was used in the mission, composed by Carl Vaudrin.


  • The items appear relatively frequently in the early stages, but less frequently in the later stages. Skateboards are awarded daily and as prizes for intermediate stages, or they can be purchased with tokens. The optimal approach is to save all the skateboards for the last stage, and to use them with a costume that extends the mini-game time such as the Lucy Minion or Vampire Minion. Once all of the items needed for a particular stage have been collected, no additional items will appear, so it's best to use the skateboards when there are still plenty of items left to be collected.
  • The Holiday Quest special event has the same structure as the Wedding Party.