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Wild Knuckles
Wild Knuckles Render
Status Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Topaz
Hair color White

Founder of the Vicious 6 (both formerly)


Felonius Gru
Vicious 6 (formerly)
Mr. Perkins


Vicious 6


Minions: The Rise of Gru
Minions Minecraft DLC

Voiced by

Alan Arkin

Wild Knuckles is a major character in the second prequel film, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

He is a supervillain who was known for forming the Vicious 6, in which he served as their former leader as well as their former friend. He serves as Gru's mentor during the latter's early days as a villain.


Wild Knuckles is a male with white hair and a red and golden headband. He wears a red tank top, a black blazer vest, white trousers has a golden buckle has a word "WK" on it and armbands, and light brown and red dress shoes with dark brown soles. He also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.


Wild Knuckles was the founder of the Vicious 6 and considered to be the best, with young Gru idolizing him the most. While he was a bit rough around the edges and is still committed to a life of crime, he was not nearly as petty or treacherous as his former teammates, and he valued what he thought was their loyalty. But age has taken its toll on him, and his team were vicious enough to kick him out of the team. Despite surviving their betrayal, Knuckles finds himself as a wash-up villain unable to pay his henchmen who bail on him after getting beaten up by a kung-fu teacher and nearly eaten by his pet crocodiles that he used to tame. Upon this predicament, Knuckles decides to recruit Gru under his wing and teach him a few things of being a super villain. The young Gru brings out the best in Knuckles, who not only finds a new purpose but also the strength to stand up to his former teammates. Likewise, he has every reason to hate his former comrades for betraying him, but when he actually fights them in the climax, he's doing it for a heroic purpose, namely protecting Gru from being harmed.


Wild Knuckles is a famous villain who was the founding member of the Vicious 6 and one of Gru's childhood idols.

During the heist of the Zodiac Stone in China in 1976, Wild Knuckles, who is 74 years old, was double-crossed and betrayed by the Vicious 6, who let him fall to his presumed death. However, he managed to survive by falling into a lake, and then forming his own group of goons. Much later. while on top of a building, he spots Gru, through binoculars, fleeing from the Criminal Records shop and noticed that he has the Zodiac Stone. When the Vicious 6 begins chasing after the boy, Knuckles, after observing the chase for a few seconds, leaves the scene. After Gru and the Minions successfully escape from the Vicious 6, Wild Knuckles and his henchmen proceed to follow them in their van. Later that night, they successfully kidnapped Gru and they took him to Wild Knuckles' house in San Francisco, California. After Knuckles found out that the zodiac stone was not in Gru's possession, he straps him to a big replica of a record player which made Gru dizzy, causing him to fall unconscious. Meanwhile, Wild Knuckles' henchmen resigned after he was unable to pay for their services.

This causes Wild Knuckles to make Gru as his "henchman", teaching him the ways of a villain. This includes robbing the Bank of Evil, where he pretends that Gru is his grandson. During the robbery he meets Mr. Perkins, who was at the time working as a banker, and reveals to him his son Vector. Wild Knuckles pretended to have a heart attack and distracted everyone while Gru stole the Mona Lisa from the bank's vault. During that time, the duo had formed a bond with each other. While they were away, the Vicious 6 destroy their former leader's house, due to having discovered that he is alive. When Wild Knuckles and Gru returned to the house, they find it in ruins. Shaken by this, Wild Knuckles sadly reveals to Gru of the Vicious 6's aforementioned betrayal and decided to give up.

Despite Gru's insistence, the former makes him leave, which he does. Subsequently, Gru was then found and taken captive by the Vicious 6, who then used the Zodiac Stone to become super-powered versions of some of the zodiac animals. Fortunately, Wild Knuckles who had a change of heart, returned and he and the minions battled the Vicious 6. Unfortunately, during the battle, when Knuckles tried to get the stone from Belle Bottom, he was badly burned by the latter who had turned into a giant dragon, completely taking him out of the fight. After the Vicious 6 were arrested by the AVL, Wild Knuckles was also arrested by Silas Ramsbottom and he was taken to a hospital where he pretended to die. During his funeral, Gru expressed devastation over the "death" of his idol and friend. However, his sadness turned to joy upon noticing Wild Knuckles, who had faked his death, hiding behind a tree. After the funeral was over, Gru, Knuckles, and the Minions rode off in his van.


  • Wild Knuckles has different names in international releases of the film:
    • In Spanish, he is known as Willy Kobra.
    • In French, he is known as Will Karnage.
    • In Polish, he is called Wściekły Kułak, which translates to “Angry Kulak."
    • In Italy he is know as Willy Krudo
    • In Arabic, he is known as Waheed Abu Kaff.
  • In the ending of Minions: The Rise of Gru, Wild Knuckles was originally going to not fake his death; however, the scriptwriters mostly scrapped it.
  • In the alternative ending of Minions: The Rise of Gru for Chinese release, Wild Knuckles attempts to steal the Zodiac Stone again, but he is caught, arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
  • His name could possibly be Henry and his first appearance could be in a photo.
  • Wild Knuckles briefly appeared in the Stir-Kinekor trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
  • Since Wild Knuckles did not appear in Despicable Me 4 (likely because his voice actor Alan Arkin passed away before the film's release), it is currently unknown what happened to him.
    • In a unfortunate coincidence his voice actor would die of heart related problems, something that his character fakes during the robbery at the Bank of Evil with him faking a heart attack.