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"Trespassers, get back you come back here!"
— Wild Knuckles' Henchmen in shock when the Minions was come to his house to help Gru.
Wild Knuckles' Henchmen
Wild Knuckles' Henchmens
Gender Male
Age Adult



The Minions


Minions: The Rise of Gru

Voiced by

Jimmy O. Yang
Kevin Michael Richardson
John DiMaggio

Wild Knuckles' Henchmen are minor antagonists of Minions: The Rise of Gru. they were minions hired by Wild Knuckles himself, after he was betrayed by the Vicious 6. When Knuckles knew that Felonius Gru has the Zodiac Stone, he and his henchmen successfully kidnapped Gru and took him captive.

When the Minions snuck into Wild Knuckles' house to rescue him, they were spotted by the henchmen and they proceeded to chase after the trio. After catching them in a part of San Francisco, they proceeded to beat and torment them until they were defeated by Master Chow, an ex-martial artist. The henchmen eventually resigned after their boss was unable to pay for their services.


Wild Knuckles' Henchmens with short black hairs and mustaches. He wears some red headbands, a pair of dark brown and peach glasses, black buttoned shirts with white pants underneath some belts.