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Wild Knuckles Crocodiles
Wild Knuckles' Crocodiles
Age Adults
Hair color Yellow

Wild Knuckles' Crocodiles are minor antagonists in Minions: The Rise of Gru. These are Knuckles' evil crocodile pets, which he keeps in his pool.


After The Wild Knuckles frees Gru for some housework, he forces him to start with the pool and clean it up. Suddenly, one of the crocodiles tried to attack and bite Gru, which led to Knuckles showing him how to do it. However, to his surprise, they attack him and drag him into the pool to eat. Gru tries to help Knuckles by telling him to grab the net, but things quickly get worse as one of the crocodiles bites the net to prevent Gru from rescuing him. Without hesitation, he tries to save Knuckles himself and walk past them. They throw them out of the water, glaring at them angrily, before returning to the water in the pool to swim again.


  • Unlike Vector’s Shark, Politto, Queen Elizabeth have her favorite friendly kind Royal Corgis and German Shepherds who were three times ordinary animals trained to be bodyguards, only the Royal Corgis are present, they are not bodyguards, they are ordinary pets of Queen Elizabeth, but these crocodiles of Wild Knuckles are actually angry and more ruthless, as they have an angry and carnivorous nature and were even willing to eat their own owner just for the sake of cleaning the pool.
  • They are the only antagonists in the franchise who have not met their retribution.
  • Two of the crocodiles are named; one is called Betsy, another is nicknamed Marvin.