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5th Logo (May 12, 2007-March 16, 2013- March 11, 2022)

Nicknames: "Jungle of Lines", "Yellow Lines", "Swirling Tornado", "YTV Circle", "CGI YTV Circle"

Logo: On a blue and cyan gradient background with revolving white and yellow lines, we see lots of white and blue lines coming together to form a cyan and white circle with "YTV" on it, arranged similarly to the previous logos. A byline appears below.

Bylines: 2007: "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" with "CORUS" in its corporate font and in color.

2007-2008: The byline from the previous logo (background and all) is superimposed below the logo.

2007-2013: "A CORUS Entertainment Company" with "CORUS" in its corporate font and in white.

Variant: On Minion Rush, "" is below the byline.

Availability: Only seen on Minion Rush, Slim Pig. this appears season 2 of Kick Buttowski