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I just pulled up in a Tonka with all of the minions, we takin' a picture,
— Yeat
Noah "Yeat" Smith
Full name Noah Olivier Smith
Gender Male
Age 22
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown

American Rapper


Minions, Gru


Victor "Vector" Perkins


Minions: The Rise of Gru Lyrical Lemonade Trailer

Voiced by

Noah Olivier Smith

Yeat (born Noah Olivier Smith[1]) is an American rapper and musician. He made a promotional single for and cameoed in the Lyrical Lemonade trailer for Minions: The Rise of Gru.


Yeat is around 1.75 meters tall and has dark brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. He typically wears a balaclava/shiesty as a face covering.


Photo of Noah Olivier Smith.


Yeat was born in Irvine, California to a Romanian mother and a Mexican and British American father in 2000 and was raised in both California and Oregon. He began making music in 2015 and saw an increase in popularity in mid-2021. Yeat began working with music video director and Lyrical Lemonade head Cole Bennett in 2022 when Cole was hired by Illumination to make a trailer for the then-upcoming Rise of Gru. Cole got permission from Illumination to use a Yeat song for the trailer, which led to Yeat making the promotional single "Rich Minion" that landed in the trailer.


Minions: The Rise of Gru Lyrical Lemonade Trailer[]

Gru in turban

Gru and the unnamed minion in Yeat's outfit.

He is the creator of the song "Rich Minion" which was used in the trailer. He also has some semi-visual appearances when pictures of Gru and an unnamed minion are shown in his outfit.

Appearances in Other Media[]

The rap industry[]

Yeat is not only in the Minions: The Rise of Gru Lyrical Lemonade Trailer, but he has also been a musician since 2015.


  • I just pulled up in a Tonka with all of the minions, we takin' a picture
  • Take a cranky, I be smacking the ceiling, uh
  • It's bananas for the Minions and my pockets bread
  • I'm a rich Minion (Yeah)
  • Yeah, I don't like Vector (I don't like— I don't like Vector)


  1. "My name is Noah Olivier Smith" - Yeat