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The Zapp [1] Lipstick Taser is one of the weapons carried by the Anti-Villain League agent Lucy Wilde, and later Felonius Gru.


Despicable Me 2[]

Agent Lucy Wilde uses it on Gru after his attempt to use his freeze ray on her failed. She then uses it on the two minions attempting to save Gru. Later, after she learned that she is being reassigned to Australia, Lucy gave Gru the Lipstick Taser as a memento of their time together. Gru then used it on a mutated El Macho to knock the devious villain out.



  • The lipstick taser resembles an actual unique stun gun that can be bought, with the added capabilities of a taser.
  • The lipstick taser appears to make the victim dance as shown on both Gru and El Macho whilst being tased.
  • It did not appear in Despicable Me 3. It is unknown what happened to it afterwards.


  1. During Eduardo's party, a close-up of the taser in Gru's hand in Despicable Me 2 reveals the full name.


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